US Navy Ships at Rose Festival, 1908

This photo was probably taken during the 1908 Rose Festival when the “Mosquito Squadron” visited Portland. The destroyers Preble, Perry and Farragut, and the torpedo boats Fox and Davis were among the ships in attendance. This photo shows two destroyers (larger ships in the background) and two torpedo boats. Coincidentally, the Fox and Davis, along with a third torpedo boat Goldsborough, were built in 1898-99 at Wolff & Zwicker Iron Works at the foot of Hawthorne on Portland’s east side.

This spectacular photo features some of downtown Portland’s skyline. The Lewis & Flanders Block/Ankeny Block (center with water tower), and the Kamm Block with distinctive finials, featured here last week, both stand out. Between them, the Crane Co. sign can still be seen today on the New Market Annex building. This photo comes to us via Roxanne Cummings, whose friend Eric Ammerman found some old glass photo plates in a friend’s attic. This is a great find and perhaps published here for the first time.

(Eric Ammerman/Roxanne Cummings)