Spalding Building, 1910

Near-completion of the Spalding Building at SW 3rd and Washington is a reason to highlight Portland real estate in The Oregonian in 1910. The illustration of the “heart of the New Portland” gives a terrific snapshot of the makeup of downtown at that time.

spalding real estate 19100403(The Oregonian. Retrieved from

SW 5th & Taylor, 1917

It’s been many years since a parking garage was built with ornate columns, and we’re unlikely to see it ever happen again. This garage was built on the southeast corner of SW 5th & Taylor in 1917, replacing the Frazier-McLean Livery Stable, bottom image. The Multnomah County Courthouse can be seen in the right distance of both illustrations. The Standard Insurance Center is now on that block.



(The Oregonian. Retrieved from

RL Glisan’s Building, 1914

R.L. Glisan’s Building, constructed in 1914 on the northeast corner of NW 5th and Couch, was probably a handsome building in its day. It’s not known when it was demolished but that corner could use a little its charm today.

glisan building 2-1-1914

(The Oregonian. Retrieved from

Perkins Hotel, 1955

The 1890 Perkins Hotel, on the northeast corner of SW 5th and Washington, had seen better days by the time this 1955 photo was taken. The Golden Steer, gazing down from the corner tower, had been removed in 1907, returned to its place of honor in 1924, and again removed in 1957. The whole structure was demolished in 1962. The steer is currently in storage at the Oregon Historical Society archives in Gresham. I’ve uploaded a 1981 The Oregonian feature article about the Perkins Hotel, part 1 and part 2.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

SW 6th & Oak, 1939

SW Oak and 6th Avenue was previously featured on Vintage Portland looking west. Turning 90 degrees to your left at that intersection would show you this view south down SW 6th in 1939. The 1907 Wells Fargo Building is immediately on the right, followed by the Corinthian columns of the 1917 US National Bank Building.

(City of Portland Archives)