SW Yamhill & Park, 1933

We’ve seen this view before but different vehicles make the scene unique. Looking south on SW Park Avenue from SW Yamhill, a Meier & Frank delivery truck is seen at center with a Rose City Pies delivery van parked at the curb. The car on the left curb has a “Walker’s” logo on the spare tire and it looks like a Jantzen girl figure in the center of the spare. The Admiral Hotel is visible across SW Taylor and beyond is the Old Heathman Hotel.

A2005-001.494  SW Park Ave south from Yamhill St 02 1933(City of Portland Archives)

SW Yamhill & Park, Part 2

I had earlier posted a photo of SW Yamhill looking east from SW Park. This view, also circa 1933, is from the same corner but looking south. The Fox tower now occupies the block to our immediate left, replacing the bus terminal and series of small businesses farther down the block. The Admiral Hotel (now apartments) is clearly visible across SW Taylor. Beyond is the Old Heathman Hotel, now Park Tower Apartments.

(City of Portland Archives)