Swan Island Airport, 1939

Portland’s rudimentary Swan Island Airport is clearly illustrated in this 1939 top-down photo. It was common in those days of unsophisticated instruments to paint the city name on a roof so early pilots knew they had the right (or wrong) airport. Except for rail lines, Mocks Bottom appears to be completely undeveloped at this time.

A2005-001.640 Swan Island Airport from the air 1939(City of Portland Archives)

NW Industrial Aerial, 1960

There’s a lot of nice detail in this 1960 bird’s-eye view of Portland’s Northwest industrial area, including Swan Island. Although there’s been much growth in the past 50+ years, both areas look remarkably similar today.

A2004-002.6944 Aerial of NW Industrial Waterfront and Swan Island 10-11 1960(City of Portland Archives)