N Lombard, 1931

This lady may have been the proprietor of the well-stocked neighborhood grocery store at 60 Lombard Street. Although highly modified and “modernized” over the years, it appears the building is still standing on the southwest corner of N. Lombard and Fenwick.

A2008-001.14 Exterior view of storefront  1832 N Lombard 1931(City of Portland Archives)

SE 72nd & Foster, 1937

We’ve seen part of this building before in this previous VP post, this time we’re looking south on 72nd Avenue at Foster Road. Ice cream and drug store, real estate office, laundry delivery and a gas station; typical neighborhood businesses on a sunny Portland afternoon in 1937. The scene is bleaker today as the building is long gone, and an empty lot sits in its place.

(City of Portland Archives)

N Buchanan & Fessenden, 1930

The building where Leo Fuchs ran his neighborhood store in 1930 is still on the corner of N. Buchanan Avenue and Fessenden Street. It’s now a church but the basic building, including the little attached shed on the back end, is unmistakeable. That’s probably Mr. Fuchs on the right, the barber with the adjoining business on the left, and a customer or neighbor enjoying a sunny Portland afternoon.

(City of Portland Archives)

SE Foster & 72nd, 1937

You could get your tires vulcanized while watching “John Meade’s Woman” at the Ames Theater on SE Foster Rd at 72nd Street in 1937. You could then pick up some groceries and ice cream on the way home.

(City of Portland Archives)

SW 4th & Sheridan, 1939

The intersection of SW 4th and Sheridan looked almost rural in 1939. Today this corner holds a modern, tree-lined office park. Duniway Park is still just off to the right, however.

(City of Portland Archives)