Benson Polytechnic High School, 1947

Aerial of Buckman Field Park and Benson Polytechnic High School near Sullivan’s Gulch, 1947. The Lloyd Golf Course Clubhouse and driving range are just north of the high school. This building was just recently torn down.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2005-005.1480.5.


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Northeast Portland Aerial, 1938

Some pretty nice detail on this 1938 aerial image of inner Northeast Portland. Burnside, NE 9th, the site of the future Lloyd Center and NE 20th to the east frame the pre-freeway Sullivan’s Gulch in the middle.

(City of Portland Archives)

NE Sandy Blvd, 1947

We’re moving just a bit northeast on NE Sandy Blvd, overlapping yesterday’s post, with the intersection with 28th Avenue in the upper left corner now. Dan Faulkner commented yesterday that today’s U-Store facility was at one time the Doernbecher Furniture Manufacturing Company. This photo verifies it and gives a nice overall view of the plant, the 28th Avenue viaduct, and the surrounding neighborhood.

(City of Portland Archives)

NE Sandy Blvd & 28th, 1937

NE Sandy Blvd slashes diagonally across this 1937 photo and intersects with NE 28th Avenue in the middle. The area south of Sandy hasn’t changed a whole lot; north of Sandy has grown more commercial. 28th at that time crossed Sullivan’s Gulch and the railroad track (upper right); it now spans the I-84 freeway too.

(City of Portland Archives)