Interstate 405 Construction, c1965

Looking west from the SW 1st Avenue overpass, construction crews are digging deep to excavate the I-405 freeway circa 1965. The Travelodge over on SW 4th is clearly visible here, as are other still extant buildings. You can see an aerial view of the overall area here.

A2005-001.774 Foothill Freeway I405 from SW 1st west 1965(City of Portland Archives)

Stadium Freeway Demolition, 1964

What looks like a swath of tornado damage in the lower center of this 1964 image actually shows the beginning of demolition for the Stadium Freeway (I-405). Many more blocks will fall to the wrecker as the freeway turns north and cuts between SW 13th and 14th on its route to Northwest Portland. For orientation, we’re looking northwest with the diagonal SW Broadway between Lincoln and Grant Streets at the very bottom.

(City of Portland Archives)