St. Vincent Hospital, circa 1911

Several years ago, a side view of the hospital was posted. Today we bring you the front view of St. Vincent Hospital, located at NW Westover Road between Glisan and Irving Streets, circa 1911.


View of St. Vincent s Hospital, circa 1911: A2004-002.7793

View of St. Vincent s Hospital, circa 1911: A2004-002.7793


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SW Vista, NW 23rd & Burnside, 1913

We just can’t seem to leave this intersection, especially when VP fans like Bud Holland keep sending us such fantastic material. Murlark Hall again is the center of the action and the caption pretty much describes the scene. Note the “Benson Bubbler” behind the gent on the fire hydrant. Compare with this 1952 photo from the same vantage point. Thanks Bud, great stuff.

(Bud Holland)

St. Vincent Hospital, 1909

Sisters of Providence established St. Vincent Hospital, the first permanent hospital in Oregon, in 1875, at NW 12th and Marshall. The second St. Vincent Hospital, shown here in 1909, was dedicated in 1895. It was sited on hilly land on NW Westover Rd. between Glisan and Irving Streets. The landmark building ended its useful life in 1971 when all patients were moved to the new Providence St. Vincent Medical Center on SW Barnes Road. This building was demolished in the late 1970s.

(City of Portland Archives)