N Columbia & Oswego, c1932

This quaint and stylish gas station is identified as standing on N. Columbia Blvd. at Oswego Street. I find no reference to it on Sanborn maps and the curve of Columbia Blvd., complete with rails, doesn’t seem right to me. Can anyone confirm or refute this location?

A2009-009.2601 N Columbia & Oswego c1932(City of Portland Archives)

N Richmond St & Jersey, 1932

We got just a glimpse of The Harmony Dance Hall on the corner of N Richmond Street and Jersey Avenue last week; here’s a better look at it. That house in the background is still with us a block over on N. Ivanhoe.

A2009-009.2603 N Jersey & Richmond 1932(City of Portland Archives)

Peninsula School, 1945

Portland Public Schools open for the first day of the new year today. Nobody is going to the old Peninsula School these days however. The school, on the north side of N. Lombard Street at Knowles Avenue in 1945, has been replaced by an Arbies Arby’s fast food restaurant today.

(City of Portland Archives)

Plumbing and Jeweler, St Johns, 1931

These two gentlemen look like they work at Crouchley Plumbing Co. rather than J.R. Chauncey Jeweler. The businesses in 1931 were at 204 and 204-1/2 N. Jersey Avenue; that’s 8709 N. Lombard using today’s street numbers. The Crouchley Plumbing Co. has been in business since 1907 and you can still walk into their office two doors down at 8717 N. Lombard.

(City of Portland Archives)

St Johns Bridge, 1938

A dramatic 1938 nighttime photo of the St. Johns Bridge which was completed in 1931. The view is east looking across the Willamette River to the St. Johns neighborhood.

(City of Portland Archives)

Currin’s Drugs, 1932

Currin’s Drugs was located in St. Johns at 105 Philadelphia in this 1932 image; the photo is identified as being 7334 N. Philadelphia by today’s street numbering. An unknown itinerant photographer captured this scene and the era and photo style leads me to think this may be the same photographer who took the shots of our still unknown shops from a couple of weeks ago.

(City of Portland Archives)