Swan Island and Mocks Bottom, 1935

Today we have an aerial of the airport on Swan Island and Mocks Bottom. This images was taken on February 7, 1935. You get a great view of the Swan Island Airport, Mocks Bottom, and the oil company docks in Northwest Portland.

Swan Island Airport and Mocks Bottom, Feb. 7, !935 :  A2005-005 1397.2

Swan Island Airport and Mocks Bottom, Feb. 7, !935 : A2005-005 1397.2


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Guild’s Lake Courts Housing, 1946

The northern-most section of the Guild’s Lake Courts wartime housing area is shown in this 1946 aerial photo looking southeast. This was the West Sector of Division 35091 and, along with the East Sector (hidden behind the hill slope to the right), contained 718 housing units. Swan Island and the shipyards can be seen across the river.

A2001-025.217 Northern section Guilds Lake housing project 1946(City of Portland Archives)

NW Industrial Aerial, 1960

There’s a lot of nice detail in this 1960 bird’s-eye view of Portland’s Northwest industrial area, including Swan Island. Although there’s been much growth in the past 50+ years, both areas look remarkably similar today.

A2004-002.6944 Aerial of NW Industrial Waterfront and Swan Island 10-11 1960(City of Portland Archives)

N Philadelphia & Ivanhoe, 1944

Today’s post brings us to St. Johns in 1944. This view looks north with N. Philadelphia in the foreground and Ivanhoe Street going off to the upper left. Burgerville is now at the Acme Beer sign location, and the St. Johns Cinema building can be seen in the distance.

(City of Portland Archives)