Aerial of the shipyards, circa 1945

Today we have a wonderful aerial of the shipyards along the Willamette River in North Portland circa 1945. In the middle of the photograph you can also see N Interstate Avenue where it intersects with Albina Avenue, Mississippi Avenue, and Russell Street. In the lower right of the image is Fireboat 2 outside of its station. This boat, the David Campbell, still serves in reserve based at Station 6 on the other side of the river off of NW Front Ave.

Aerial of shipyards circa 1945 : A2005-005.1416.4

Aerial of shipyards circa 1945 : A2005-005.1416.4

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Willamette Park, 1941

What we know as Willamette Park today was in 1941 an undeveloped riverside parcel. The Portland Shipbuilding Co. complex is at SW Nebraska St. at the top of the photo. A 1943 article in The Oregonian stated, “During the last 16 months, Portland Shipbuilding Company, the oldest boat-building plant in Oregon, has turned out more than a mile of of barges for the army, navy, and maritime commission, and now is dropping one a week into the Willamette River.” It continued to repair and rent wooden barges until 1964. Macadam Ave. is at far upper left.

(City of Portland Archives)