NE Sandy & 72nd, 1940

Fairley’s Pharmacy is still on NE Sandy Blvd. at 72nd Avenue more than 70 years after this 1940 photo. Soda fountains were once a staple of American drug stores, and Fairley’s still advertises one on their sign. Is it still in fact there? This photo looks west on Sandy.

A2005-001.573 NE Sandy at 72nd west 1940(City of Portland Archives)

NE 42nd & Killingsworth, 1958

Looking north on NE 42nd at Killingsworth seemed like a sleepy little corner back in 1958. The wholesale/retail store on the right is now a giant parking lot and the Chevron station on the left has been replaced by another building a bit farther from the corner. That security light and metal post holding the Chevron sign might still be there though, rusty but still standing.

(City of Portland Archives)

SW 4th & Lincoln, 1965

This area around the PSU campus has grown up quite a bit since the mid-60s, especially east of 4th Avenue (which was part of the South Auditorium Urban Renewal District), but it’s still pretty recognizeable today. This view is north on 4th at Lincoln.

(City of Portland Archives)

Jefferson West Apartments, 1940

The Jefferson West Apartment building has stood on SW Jefferson between SW 11th and 12th since 1923. I believe it’s been empty for several years as owner Portland Development Commission decides what to do with it, but in 1940 it was a busy center of commerce and entertainment.

(City of Portland Archives)

SE Stark & 28th, 1937

Incredibly, both the Texaco and the Firestone buildings still stand on the southeast corner of SE Stark & 28th, although one is now a coffee shop, the other a quickie mart. The large building looming in the distance is the Sisters of Mercy Home for the Aged, now Laurelhurst Village.

(City of Portland Archives)

SW 2nd & Alder, 1939

The finer parts of Portland had moved a few blocks south and west by 1939, leaving this section of SW 2nd looking south toward Alder the realm of the working man. Work clothes, billiards, Army surplus and hardware stores mixed with restaurants, hotels and drug stores. Anybody remember the old Dahl & Penne Card Room (awning on the left behind the hardware sign)? It came down in the mid-1980s.

(City of Portland Archives)

SE 82nd & Foster, 1937

One notable feature of this photo looking south on SE 82nd Avenue at Foster Road is the lack of traffic on 82nd. The little “Coney Island Sandwiches” building on the southwest corner was only recently removed.

(City of Portland Archives)