Portland Heights Real Estate Ad, 1909

Another excellent D.E. Keasey real estate illustration from 1909. This is a beautiful, very accurate representation looking northeast over Portland Heights. The fine detail even shows the Council Crest streetcar on Vista Avenue at upper right.

de keasey real estate 2 19090606(The Oregonian, from University of Oregon Libraries)

RL Cate Real Estate Ad, 1906

Industrial smoke was apparently a sign of a strong and vibrant city a century ago. Real estate man R.L. Cate certainly played up what we’d consider pollution today in his richly illustrated ad, calling particular attention to timber, hops and wool.

rl cate 19061222(University of Oregon Libraries)

Portland Heights Real Estate Ad, 1907

We’ve seen this Portland Heights illustration before but this version is without the folds shown in the previous one. It also presents it in context of the full-page D.E. Keasey & Co. real estate ad in 1907. $550 gave you your choice of 50 lots at the time.

de keasey real estate 1907(The Oregonian. Retrieved from http://infoweb.newsbank.com)

Future Portland-New York of the Pacific, c1909

Real estate businessman W.M. Killingsworth had grand ideas for Portland’s future following the 1905 Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition. This circa 1909 illustration fancifully blends some Portland buildings (and rivers) with New York’s Manhattan Island to portray how Mr. Killingsworth (pictured at upper right) envisioned Portland’s thriving future.

(Shaping the City: Portland, Oregon, 1841-2011 – Chet Orloff)