SE Foster Rd & 50th, 1937

There is a lot of good detail to pick out of this 1937 photo, especially if you’re an automobile fan. This view looks northwest on Foster where it curves to meet 50th Avenue at Powell Blvd. Fast food restaurants dominate most of the intersection today.

A2005-001.207 SE Foster Rd north on 50th 1937(City of Portland Archives)

NW Irving & Broadway, 1959

Everything you see on the immediate south side of NW Irving Street in this 1959 view is gone now. The bus terminal sits on the site of the Mt. Hood Cafe and Yellow Cab garage buildings. The photo, looking east, was taken from the slightly elevated Broadway ramp.

(City of Portland Archives)

Ainsworth Block, 1955

When Portland businessman John C. Ainsworth constructed his bank building in 1881, it was the most expensive, at $100,000, to date. It stood on the northwest corner of SW 3rd and Oak until 1955 when it was demolished for the surface parking lot that is still there. Read more about this fine building on Dan Haneckow’s Cafe Unknown.

(University of Oregon Libraries)