NW Industrial Aerial, 1960

There’s a lot of nice detail in this 1960 bird’s-eye view of Portland’s Northwest industrial area, including Swan Island. Although there’s been much growth in the past 50+ years, both areas look remarkably similar today.

A2004-002.6944 Aerial of NW Industrial Waterfront and Swan Island 10-11 1960(City of Portland Archives)

Union Station, 1918

Portland’s impressive Union Station is shown here in 1918, 22 years after its 1896 opening. The building itself has remained remarkably unchanged in 117 years but the forecourt, parking and roadways have changed many times over the years. The “Union Station” and “Go By Train” signs at the top of the clock tower were not installed until 1948.

A2004-002.571 Union Train Station 1918(City of Portland Archives)