NE Union & Stanton, c1929

Our Number Man finds himself standing in front of three near-identical houses on the northwest corner of NE Union Avenue and Stanton Street in about 1929. This was probably in preparation for widening of Union Avenue, as seen in several other photos here recently.

A2009-009.1049 2911-2917 NE Union 1929(City of Portland Archives)

NW Portland Panorama, 1888

In a comment posted about last Friday’s West Burnside aerial photo, VP fan Edmund referred to this illustration in the 1888 “The West Shore” magazine. At center stage is the magnificent 1882 Knapp mansion, situated on the full block between NW 17th and 18th, Davis and Everett. Now a parking lot, its basalt wall still circles the block. The old Portland High School can be seen in the distance on the right. Other homes, churches and businesses are identifiable in this richly detailed illustration.

(Library of Congress)