W Burnside & NW Park, 1927

Lots of character in this 1927 photo of the northwest corner of West Burnside and NW Park Avenue. Lots of characters, too; groups of men chatting car repair, a gentleman filling his gas tank, and two men working around a hole in the street at far right. Lots of great signs, too, including “Benson Garage” on the brick wall which can still be seen today.

Northwest corner W Burnside and Park 1927(City of Portland Archives)

N. Greeley & Portland Blvd., 1949

Gravel covers N. Greeley Ave. where it crosses N. Portland Blvd. (now Rosa Parks Way) in this 1949 photo. Was this the aftermath of a winter snow storm? The Shell station attendant enjoys a bit of sun while the bus makes its stop on the St. Johns line. The building still exists as an auto repair shop.

(City of Portland Archives)