W Burnside, SW 10th & Oak, 1939

The driver turning left from W. Burnside westbound onto SW 10th Avenue is running a red light, the north/south traffic clearly has the green light. Traffic on 10th was two-way at that time, it’s one-way northbound now. Note the 10th Avenue ramp to the Lovejoy ramp in the distance.

A2005-001.1053  W Burnside St, 10th Ave and SW Oak St looking north on 10th Ave 1939(City of Portland Archives)

West Burnside, 1947

This is a fairly well-detailed aerial photo from 1947. West Burnside cuts through the center from about 22nd Avenue at the bottom to 10th at the top. This was before I-405 sliced through Portland and gives a decent view of a few of the blocks that were lost. Multnomah Stadium (Civic Stadium/PGE Park) is prominent on the right.

(City of Portland Archives)

Pacific Coast Biscuit Co.

Surprisingly, the Pacific Coast Biscuit Co. building looks today pretty much like it did in 1917. The biggest difference is that the top floor of the building at the far left has been removed. The soldiers are probably members of the Oregon National Guard, attached to the Portland Armory building, which is just at the photographer’s back. We’re looking northwest at the corner of NW 11th and Davis.

(City of Portland Archives)