St. Johns Fire Station, circa 1932

This photograph shows a number man standing outside the old St. Johns City Hall and fire station in 1932. The structure on the left of the image was identified as a bandstand, according to the envelope the image came in. The old City Hall still stands today and is located at 7214 N Philadelphia Avenue, and now serves as the Portland Police Bureau Training Division building.


St. Johns fire station and bandstand, 1932: A2009-009.2609

St. Johns fire station and bandstand, circa 1932: A2009-009.2609


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Police Department, 1912

Far from the Dodge Chargers in use today, this 1912 Pope Hartford paddy wagon was the vehicle of choice for the 1912 Portland Police Department. The photo was apparently taken in front of the Portland Trust Company Building across from the police station at SW 3rd and Oak.

(City of Portland Archives)