National Biscuit Co. Building, 1953

We saw this building in a 1917 view last month; here is how it looked 36 years later. Another 58 years have passed since this photo and freight trains no longer rumble down the center of the street. This looks northeast at NW 12th and Davis. The small white building on the next block was just demolished a couple of months ago.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

Pacific Coast Biscuit Co.

Surprisingly, the Pacific Coast Biscuit Co. building looks today pretty much like it did in 1917. The biggest difference is that the top floor of the building at the far left has been removed. The soldiers are probably members of the Oregon National Guard, attached to the Portland Armory building, which is just at the photographer’s back. We’re looking northwest at the corner of NW 11th and Davis.

(City of Portland Archives)