SE 82nd & Powell, 1937

Yesterday’s discussion raised the possibility that the Anderson’s Food Market building still stands. This photo, taken on the same day (if the Meadow-Land delivery truck is any indication) shows the same intersection looking west. Anderson’s is definitely on the northwest corner, roughly where the KFC/A&W sits today.

A2005-001.513  SE Powell Blvd and 82nd Ave looking west 1937(City of Portland Archives)

NE 82nd & Halsey, 1951

This 1951 photos shows recently completed channelization work at NE 82nd and Halsey, islands to control traffic and improve lighting and safety at the intersection. At this time the overpass would have been over just the railroad tracks as the freeway had not yet been built. Rocky Butte can be seen in the distance to the northeast.

(City of Portland Archives)