ONG, c1910 – Help Us Out!

Last week’s Help Us Out from the City Archives took the difficulty up a notch from previous mysteries; it took until the relatively late hour of 9:22am before it was identified. Bonus points to Jim for correctly identifying the Zeta Psi building. We have very little to go on today, other than that it seems to be an Oregon National Guard building being constructed sometime around 1910. Your mission: find out where this building was (or is). Good luck!

Found: Woodburn, OR

(City of Portland Archives)

NW 10th Ave, 1921

Parking is only slightly harder to find now than it was in 1921 on this block of NW 10th between Burnside and Couch. Powell’s City of Books is on the left now. Across Couch, the First Regiment Armory building today is half what it was then; only the 1891 annex, on the north half of the block, survives.

(City of Portland Archives)