Steel & Burnside Bridgeheads, 1935

A fantastic 1935 aerial photo showing the west end areas of the Burnside and Steel Bridges. The waterfront had been cleaned up and just a couple buildings had been torn down, but this was still a pretty intact “old” Portland. Today’s image is similar, but wider in scope, than this earlier photo.

(City of Portland Archives)

Athens Hotel, c1988

The Athens Hotel, on the corner of NW 6th and Everett St., was built in 1912 as the New Houston Hotel. It became the Montana Hotel sometime in the 1920s, the Belmont Hotel in the 1930s, the Libbey Hotel in the 1950s and the Athens Hotel in 1970. It was closed in 1984 due to severe deterioration. The popular Athens West restaurant operated in the building from the 1950 to 1988. Central City Concern then purchased and rehabilitated the hotel as low income housing and it’s now known as the Sally McCracken Building.

(University of Oregon Libraries)