NE Union & Graham, 1929

This old building on the northwest corner of NE Union at Graham Street had quite a distinctive look. The photographer managed to capture a few of the neighborhood denizens, including the two children watching from the second floor window.

A2009-009.1039 NE Union & Graham 1929(City of Portland Archives)

N Lombard, 1931

This lady may have been the proprietor of the well-stocked neighborhood grocery store at 60 Lombard Street. Although highly modified and “modernized” over the years, it appears the building is still standing on the southwest corner of N. Lombard and Fenwick.

A2008-001.14 Exterior view of storefront  1832 N Lombard 1931(City of Portland Archives)

N Buchanan & Fessenden, 1930

The building where Leo Fuchs ran his neighborhood store in 1930 is still on the corner of N. Buchanan Avenue and Fessenden Street. It’s now a church but the basic building, including the little attached shed on the back end, is unmistakeable. That’s probably Mr. Fuchs on the right, the barber with the adjoining business on the left, and a customer or neighbor enjoying a sunny Portland afternoon.

(City of Portland Archives)

Shops, c1931 – Help Us Out!

You Vintage Portland fans are so good that last week you were able to find our mystery building even though it was not in Portland at all, but down in Woodburn. Congratulations, job well done.

This week the City Archives has provided photos of two shops. I’m not sure they are connected but they have enough in common that I decided to feature them together. Both have the same style of building features (diagonal paneling, etc.), awnings, signage, even sidewalk patterns. The only clues to the location are the addresses “410” above the gentleman’s head and “430” on the door frame above the lady’s head. The numbering is another indicator that they may be connected. Reflections in the windows may be the most significant clues. Good luck and happy hunting!

Found:  NE 4th Avenue, near Dallas St., Camas, WA (bottom photo)

(City of Portland Archives)

SW 3rd Avenue, 1955

Facing the Municipal Auditorium across SW 3rd Avenue in 1955 were these buildings. They were removed in 1967 to make way for the Forecourt (now Ira Keller) Fountain. Beginning in 1961, future Portland mayor Bud Clark owned the Spatenhaus Tavern, which was on the ground floor of the left side of the brick apartment building, just out of view to the left (corner of 3rd & Market). When fountain construction forced him out of this location he established the Goose Hollow Inn. Thanks to VP fan Roxanne for leading me to this photo.

(University of Oregon Libraries)