NW Front & Glisan, 1930

This wonderful little brick building stood in the shadow of the Portland Gas Co. tank at the southwest corner of NW Front and Glisan Street in 1930. The 1908-09 Sanborn map labels it “Meter Rm. & Laboratory.”

A2009-009.2479 NW Front Ave and Glisan St 1930(City of Portland Archives)

NW Front & Davis, c1930

Our Number Man probably could never conceive that the lot behind him would eventually hold a four-level parking structure with a helipad on the roof. He’s standing on the northwest corner of NW Front Avenue and Davis Street in this circa 1930 photo.

A2009-009.2484 Wood Lot NW Front Ave and Davis St c1930(City of Portland Archives)

Steel & Burnside Bridgeheads, 1935

A fantastic 1935 aerial photo showing the west end areas of the Burnside and Steel Bridges. The waterfront had been cleaned up and just a couple buildings had been torn down, but this was still a pretty intact “old” Portland. Today’s image is similar, but wider in scope, than this earlier photo.

(City of Portland Archives)

NW Hoyt & 3rd, 1948

Sandbags formed a temporary dike to try to control water during the 1948 flood. This view looks southeast along the railroad tracks at Union Station from about NW Hoyt & 3rd Avenue. The partial building at far right was attached to the back of the extant fire station on Glisan and the ramp in the background leads to the Steel Bridge. You can see an aerial view of this area during the same flood in this earlier Vintage Portland post.

(City of Portland Archives)

Aerial, SE Powell & 17th Ave, 1965

Yesterday’s post showed traffic stopped for the train at SE Powell & 17th Avenue. This photo from the following year shows the same area from the air, apparently part of an aerial survey in preparation for building the underpass. Lots of good detail in this image.

(City of Portland Archives)