Jacob H. Cook House, c1910

This fine home sits just a half block east of the Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church we visited a couple weeks ago. Located at 5631 SE Belmont Street, the Jacob H. Cook home is an excellent colonial revival example. Even the low block wall is still beautifully intact.

cook house 5631 SE Belmont 20761 c1910(University of Oregon Libraries)

SE Hawthorne & 50th, 1936

The followup to yesterday’s photo shows the completed work after removal of the westbound rails on SE Hawthorne from 50th. The eastbound rails were probably next to be removed. I’m willing to bet those cobblestones are still under today’s asphalt though.

A2000-025.1147 Completed street resurfacing SE Hawthorne and 50th(City of Portland Archives)

Reservoir #6, Part 5, 1916

The final part of our series on Reservoir #6 shows it complete and operational in 1916. The east-west divider wall is not visible in this photo but it separates the reservoir into north and south basins; only one is filled at a time. Water pressure from Reservoir #5 just uphill feeds the fountain in the active basin.

(City of Portland Archives)

Reservoir #6, Part 4, 1912

By 1912, Reservoir #6 work was progressing well. Installation of the lining had begun and construction of the center wall separating the north and south basins was underway. The inlet gatehouse, to the left, would house a small hydroelectric turbine; generated power could be sold back to the grid or used as backup power for the facility if needed. The outlet gatehouse is somewhat smaller.

(City of Portland Archives)