SE Bybee Blvd Overpass, 1934

The SE Bybee Blvd. overpass over SE McLoughlin Blvd. is shown here undergoing construction work in 1934. Rails for the Sellwood and Eastmoreland trolley lines can be seen in the foreground and in the distance to the west. Were they being replaced by the new trolley buses at this time?

A2009-009.2969 Bridge Construction SE Bybee Blvd 1934(City of Portland Archives)

East End Sellwood Bridge, 1948

Yesterday’s water-level view of the Sellwood Bridge showed quite a bit of industrial development on the east shore. This 1948 photo shows that area from the air. It appears most of the large buildings to the north of the bridge had been removed by 1948. The photo also shows the flooded Oaks Amusement Park area and Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood.