NE Union & Morris, 1929

One couldn’t blame our Number Man for stopping into the corner grocery store for a little refreshment while on the job. Number 225 documented the southwest corner of Union Avenue at Morris Street.

A2009-009.1054 NE Union & Morris 1929(City of Portland Archives)

N Larrabee & Broadway, 1937

At one time N. Larrabee turned into Interstate Avenue as you crossed Broadway heading north; Interstate is routed closer to the river now. You might drive here when leaving the Memorial Coliseum or Rose Garden but the surroundings have changed drastically; only the building under the Rose City/Beaver State sign remains.

A2005-001.80 N Broadway from Larrabee towards Interstate 1937(City of Portland Archives)

N Buchanan & Fessenden, 1930

The building where Leo Fuchs ran his neighborhood store in 1930 is still on the corner of N. Buchanan Avenue and Fessenden Street. It’s now a church but the basic building, including the little attached shed on the back end, is unmistakeable. That’s probably Mr. Fuchs on the right, the barber with the adjoining business on the left, and a customer or neighbor enjoying a sunny Portland afternoon.

(City of Portland Archives)

SW 3rd Avenue, 1904

There are many details to discover in this wonderful 1904 image looking north up SW 3rd Avenue from Alder Street. The Hamilton and Dekum buildings (both extant), the Chamber of Commerce Building, and the Ainsworth Building are visible on the left side of the street. On the right side, the Postal Building (still standing), the tower of the Abington Building (behind the pole) and the Worcester Building can be seen farther down the block.

(City of Portland Archives)