Henry W. Corbett House, 1931

When Henry W. Corbett built this fine home in 1875 he probably never dreamed that his bucolic block would be crowded out 50 years later. This fantastic view of his home looks northeast at SW 6th and Taylor Street. The Pacific Building was constructed on the north half of the block in 1926 and the house would be demolished in the mid-1930s to make way for the Greyhound Bus Depot. Thanks once again to Bud Holland for sending in another masterpiece.

corbett mansion 1931(Bud Holland)

John W. Kern Home, 1948

Here are two beautiful personal (non-professional) photos of the Captain John W. Kern home before it was demolished in 1949. The processor’s date stamped on the back is “August 4, 1948.” The mansion was located on SE Powell between 29th & 30th. Thanks to Bud Holland, who grew up in the neighborhood, for sending these great photos.

(Bud Holland)