South Portland, c1900

This undated photo of South Portland comes to us from Bud Holland who has delighted us with other great photos in the past. The intersection at the very bottom border, just left of center, is SW 1st and Whitaker. The church building in the lower left corner, at SW 1st and Gibbs, was a bookstore when it suffered a fire in 2010. It’s all gone now.

(Bud Holland)

Portland Panorama, 1909

This is a very nice early photo of Portland’s Corbett/Lair Hill neighborhood with the Willamette River, Northeast Portland and Mt. St. Helens forming a backdrop. I believe the large house (actually a duplex) just beyond the mostly-empty block with the small house at lower right is still in existence, one lot north of the corner of Water Ave. and Whitaker St. The big building at center left is probably the original Failing School.

(City of Portland Archives)

4th Street Extension – Part 2, 1932

This is another view of the 4th Street/Barbur Blvd. construction we saw yesterday. The photographer was probably standing on the Sheridan Street sidewalk at the extreme left of yesterday’s photo, facing south. The houses in the distant right are the shacks in yesterday’s foreground. The dump truck at center gives a good idea of the scale, and the number of loads, that were needed to fill this area.

(City of Portland Archives)