Westside Flood Waters, 1948

Spectators watch from the Broadway ramp as city crews work to build a temporary dike during the spring 1948 flood. It appears there was no Irving Street access to and from the ramp at that time. Union Station is over our right shoulder in this view to the west.

A1999-004.1051 temp flood control dike NW Irving at Broadway ramp 1948
(City of Portland Archives)

NW Hoyt & 10th, 1948

Pedestrians tread carefully on temporary scaffolding that keeps them above flooded NW Hoyt Street at 10th Avenue. The water is due to the Spring flood of 1948; it’s not much more than curb deep here but it’s a long way from the river. Most of the right side of the street is still intact today while the left side has all been replaced.

A2004-002.878 NW 10th and Hoyt flood 1948(City of Portland Archives)

Northwest Portland Rail Yards

This is a gorgeous aerial view of the rail yards and train depots in Northwest Portland in 1939, long before it was transformed into the Pearl District. NW 11th and Hoyt is in the lower right corner (see a  1917 street level view down Hoyt here). The Lovejoy ramp (left) meets the Broadway Bridge (top center) and the Broadway ramp in front of Union Station.

(City of Portland Archives)

NW Hoyt at 11th, 1917

There’s great detail in this 1917 photo looking at NW Hoyt from 11th. Today’s Low Brow Lounge is now to our immediate right, North Bank Station just to our left. The Honeyman Hardware building is now lofts but the Manning Warehouse was demolished in 1996. The Steel Bridge can be seen in the distance.