NW Front & Glisan, 1930

This wonderful little brick building stood in the shadow of the Portland Gas Co. tank at the southwest corner of NW Front and Glisan Street in 1930. The 1908-09 Sanborn map labels it “Meter Rm. & Laboratory.”

A2009-009.2479 NW Front Ave and Glisan St 1930(City of Portland Archives)

NE Union Avenue, 1929

It’s hard to believe anything on this bit of NE Union Avenue could still be standing but the little shop on the right, with the distinctive facade, is still on the east side of Martin Luther King Blvd., just south of Shaver Street.

A2009-009.1006 3962-3970 NE Union 1929(City of Portland Archives)

SE 39th Ave & Stark, 1949

Monday’s photo at SE 39th and Belmont had so many comments that I thought this companion photo might be as well received. This was taken just a few blocks north, looking south down SE 39th at Stark Street on the same date. Those linemen can be seen rewiring the utility poles in this photo too.

A2000-025.2111 Before widening SE 39th south of Stark 1949(City of Portland Archives)

E Burnside & NE 8th Avenue, 1927

This building on the northwest corner of East Burnside and NE 8th Avenue shows what it looked like before it underwent the “arcade” process. As Burnside was to be widened right up to the support columns, workers moved the street level storefronts back so the sidewalk could pass under the floors above, creating an arcade. There are still a few of these arcade buildings left and this is a nice example.

Building on NW corner SE 8th and Burnside 1927(City of Portland Archives)

Creston Park, 1935

If you couldn’t be in the Creston Park swimming pool on this nice August day in 1935, seeking shade under a tree was an alternative way to stay cool. This view is roughly northeast; Creston School was on the south side of Powell Blvd, at about 47th Avenue.

A2009-009.1231 Creston Park 1935(City of Portland Archives)

NE Broadway & 9th, 1929

This fine old house was being documented by the city for some unknown reason in 1929. We do know that it no longer sits on the southeast corner of  NE Broadway and 9th Avenue, but it looks like its neighbor to the south fared better.

A2009-009.3264 - Residence NE Broadway and 9th Ave 1929(City of Portland Archives)

N Ivanhoe & Chicago, c1932

One could almost imagine tumbleweeds blowing down an old west street but it’s actually the corner of N. Ivanhoe Street and Chicago Avenue in St. Johns. The Star Hotel, a rather rough-looking establishment, fronted on Ivanhoe which goes off to the right in this circa 1932 photo.

A2009-009.2590 Star Hotel N Ivanhoe & Chicago 1932(City of Portland Archives)