Henry Corbett House, c1910

After yesterday’s post, I’m going to agree with Edmund’s determination that this was the Henry Jagger Corbett house on SW Park and Main. We had earlier seen this house as the Henry Ladd Corbett house, so the middle name is still a question. Roxanne sent in today’s photo as corroborating evidence. Yesterday’s photo would be looking southeast at the back of the home. Today’s photo shows it looking southwest with the Park Avenue front of the home on the left. The Elliot R. Corbett house shared the same block. Thanks again, Roxanne, and to Edmund for the positive ID. One more mystery solved!

(Roxanne Cummings)

Henry L. Corbett House, 1910

Henry Ladd Corbett built this fine house at 253 W. Park (old address numbering system). The property covered the entire south half of the block between SW Park and 10th, Main and Madison Streets (this view looks west from Park). The 1925 Mark Building (formerly Masonic Temple) now covers the site. This home was just a few blocks from grandfather Henry Winslow Corbett’s home (see yesterday’s post).

(University of Oregon Libraries)