SW 3rd Avenue, 1915

Today we have an image of the beautiful lighted arches that once lined 3rd Avenue in southwest Portland from 1915. This was known as the Great Light Way, which was erected in 1914. All the remnants of the Great Light Way have been removed.

Arch street lights SW 3rd Ave. 1915 : 2004-002.1445

Arch street lights SW 3rd Ave. 1915 : 2004-002.1445

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Aerial of Downtown, 1938

This 1938 aerial image of downtown shows an artist’s rendering along the west side waterfront. It was probably used as a device to envision placement of Harbor Drive. This particular version left intact the Portland Public Market building on the right.

A2010-001.104 Aerial of SW Waterfront centered on the Public Market 1938(City of Portland Archives)

Aerial View of Portland, 1933

Another amazing photo from the City of Portland Archives shows the inner Southwest and Northwest Portland in 1933. The west ends of the Steel, Burnside and Morrison bridges are along the top and we can see west to about Broadway. The riverfront had been tamed with the construction of the seawall but old Portland was essentially untouched at this point and almost no buildings had been razed for surface parking lots yet.

A2011-024.1 Aerial view Willamette and downtown Portland 1933(City of Portland Archives)

Steel & Burnside Bridgeheads, 1935

A fantastic 1935 aerial photo showing the west end areas of the Burnside and Steel Bridges. The waterfront had been cleaned up and just a couple buildings had been torn down, but this was still a pretty intact “old” Portland. Today’s image is similar, but wider in scope, than this earlier photo.

(City of Portland Archives)

SW 3rd & Ankeny, c1927

We’ve seen this building before, from almost the same angle. This one, taken about a year earlier, shows it without all the street construction debris we saw in the earlier photo.

(City of Portland Archives)