SE Belmont, 1941

This image was taken after the widening of SE Belmont Ave was completed. We are looking east on SE Belmont St. near SE 8th Ave. In this image you can see signs for East Side Food Center/Grand Central Public Market, Dolan Wrecking Co., and Richfield on the far right side of the street.


SE Belmont and 8th Ave, Feb. 18, 1940 : A2000-025.1252

SE Belmont and 8th Ave, Feb. 18, 1941 : A2000-025.1252


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SE Morrison & 6th, 1932

Installation or repair of the streetcar line on SE Morrison causes a bit of a traffic jam, 1932-style. This view look east between 6th and 7th Avenues.

A2009-009.750- Construction on SE Morrison & 6th 1932(City of Portland Archives)