Tanner Creek Gulch, circa 1892

These houses and gardens were located in Tanner Creek Gulch, which would later be known as Goose Hollow. This image shows what the area looked like circa 1892.


Gardens and Houses in Tanner Creek Gulch,  : A2004-002.2544

Gardens and Houses in Tanner Creek Gulch, circa 1892 : A2004-002.2544


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Goose Hollow, 1892

Goose Hollow is shown in this 1892 photo from the hillside above. Jefferson Street cuts left-right across the bottom while 18th goes diagonally from bottom-right and crosses in front of the Exposition Building at left-center. The large building at lower-right is still with us today but the surrounding area has been filled in so that the main structure is at ground level.

(City of Portland Archives)

Sahr’s Fountain & Restaurant, 1959

Sahr’s opened in June of 1958 with a “happy, contemporary motif with bright and gay colors” according to The Oregonian. It was located on the southeast corner of SW 18th and Jefferson in Goose Hollow (here looking southeast). Owners George Sahr and Henry W. Walther sold the restaurant to Denny’s in September of 1968.

(University of Oregon Libraries)