SW 2nd & Washington, 1940

The intersection of SW 2nd & Washington, here looking south, seemed to be a crossroad of streetcar rails in 1940. The 1885 Portland Savings Bank building on the southwest corner would last another decade or so. Long-time Vintage Portland followers can probably guess what’s on that property today.

A2005-001.854 SW 2nd at Washington south 1940(City of Portland Archives)

SW 2nd & Yamhill, 1939

A few of the buildings seen here are still standing today but the scene is vastly different now. Among those still with us, the Willamette Block in front foreground and the Centennial Block (Gevurtz Furniture on the left, now Rock Bottom Brewery) have both been beautifully restored. This view north on 2nd has some great signage lining the street. A previous photo looks toward our camera position here from several blocks north.

(City of Portland Archives)