Gambrinus Brewery Illustration, 1913

The “good old” Gambrinus Brewery complex at one time filled the triangle formed at West Burnside and NW Westover, butting up against the West Hills. The building front and center in this 1913 illustration still stands and is home to specialty shops.

gambrinus brewery 10130101(The Oregonian. Retrieved from

W Burnside & 23rd, 1913

This photo follows yesterday’s image of the same intersection. This time we look west from 23rd as Burnside heads up into the West Hills. The brick building on the left was the Portland Railway, Light & Power Company’s car shops and barns. The building in the distance on the north side of Burnside is probably part of the Gambrinus Brewing Company. As mentioned by some comments yesterday, the brewery filled most of the area between that building and the NW Everett/Westover intersection, about where Uptown Shopping Center sits today.

(City of Portland Archives)