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Here we see houses getting moved to make way for the construction of the Minnesota Freeway. In a previous post you helped us locate an intersection for a similar image. We know that this image was taken at N. Vancouver Avenue, but can anyone help us identify the cross street. The lack of landmarks in the photograph makes it difficult to pinpoint the location.

N Vancouver Ave house moving, circa 1963 : A2005-001.684

N Vancouver Ave house moving, circa 1963 : A2005-001.684

FOUND: N Vancouver Ave. and N Lombard St.

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Overpass Construction, 1962

NE Weidler Street takes a small shoo-fly to the south while the permanent overpass over the Eastbank Freeway is being built in 1962. This view looks east on a landscape that no longer exists. You can see the overpass in the upper-right of this aerial view of the construction area.

A2005-001.176  Eastbank Freeway overpass construction 1962(City of Portland Archives)

North Portland, 1962 – Help Us Out!

This image from the City of Portland land use files shows us a house being moved in North Portland. My guess this was part of the effort to build I-5 (Minnesota Freeway). Can anyone pinpoint this location? It’s possible some of the houses on both sides of the street still stand. Really sharp readers will be able to tell us where the moved house finally settled.

Found: N. Vancouver Ave. & Dekum St.

(City of Portland Archives)

Stadium Freeway Demolition, 1964

What looks like a swath of tornado damage in the lower center of this 1964 image actually shows the beginning of demolition for the Stadium Freeway (I-405). Many more blocks will fall to the wrecker as the freeway turns north and cuts between SW 13th and 14th on its route to Northwest Portland. For orientation, we’re looking northwest with the diagonal SW Broadway between Lincoln and Grant Streets at the very bottom.

(City of Portland Archives)

Eastbank Freeway Construction, 1962

The Eastbank Freeway, or I-5, begins cutting through North and Northeast Portland in this 1962 aerial photo. The Memorial Coliseum parking lot at center right, and Lloyd Center in the distance, were both about a year old at the time of the photo. All the houses in the lower right are gone now.

(City of Portland Archives)