The Forestry Building, 1905

Here we a have a picture of two women sitting in the upper balcony of the Forestry Building. This image really displays how massive the support logs were. Keep in mind, this image is from 1905. Imagine what they must have gone through during the constructions of this building. It is truly spectacular!

Two women on upper balcony of Forestry Building

Two women on upper balcony of Forestry Building, 1905 : 7200-03


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Forestry Building, c1910

An unusually highly detailed look at the Forestry Building following the Lewis & Clark Exposition of 1905. This view is looking north; that’s likely a bit of the Oriental Palace showing in the background. Thanks to Scott Smith for pointing out this image, courtesy of The Field Museum.

forestry building 1910 field museum(The Field Museum)

Lewis & Clark Exposition Map, 1905

Official ground plan of the 1905 Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition in the Northwest Portland/Guild’s Lake area. Guild’s Lake was completely filled in by the 1920s and very little remains of the exposition itself. Very cool map, lots of detail, very informative.

(City of Portland Archives)