Duniway Park, 1957

It appeared to be a soggy winter day when this photo overlooking Duniway Park was taken. The view is northeast with SW 4th Avenue and Sheridan Streets just past the park. In just a few years everything east of 4th would come down for urban renewal and I-405 would slice through the neighborhood just a couple blocks north of Sheridan; that big white house location just past the intersection is probably right in the middle of I-405 now.


SW 4th & Sheridan, 1937

In April we saw photos of this area being filled for the extension of 4th Avenue south of Sheridan street. Here is that same street in roughly the same view four years later. Some of the same houses can be seen in the backgrounds of both photos.

(City of Portland Archives)

SW Sheridan Street, c1910

This view looks east down SW Sheridan Street towards the Willamette River. The 4th Street, 1st Street and Front Street bridges are all visible to the right. It’s hard to date the photo but it’s certainly before the 4th Street Extension work in the early 1930s. All the buildings at lower right are shown on the 1908-09 Sanborn map. Thanks to Bud Holland for sending another great image.

(Bud Holland)

Marquam Hill, 1920

This 1920 photo looks west towards Marquam Hill over what will become Duniway Park. Several of the houses along the upper road, SW Broadway Drive, are still there, while everything along the bottom street, SW 6th/Terwilliger Blvd, is gone (compare with this photo). I believe the nearest building on the far right (with the arched window) sits in the northwest corner of the future Duniway Park. We’ve seen photos of the work to fill this gully here and here. Lair Hill is probably on the left foreground.

(City of Portland Archives)

Duniway Park, 1934

After completion of the construction shown in the previous two posts, traffic was humming along a flat Barbur Blvd. (at right), and Duniway Park was no longer a muddy gully. Apparently the park would be raised at some time in the coming years as it is almost street level now. This photo also gives us a nice overview of the South Auditorium Urban Renewal Area with downtown in the distance.

(City of Portland Archives)

4th Street Extension – Part 2, 1932

This is another view of the 4th Street/Barbur Blvd. construction we saw yesterday. The photographer was probably standing on the Sheridan Street sidewalk at the extreme left of yesterday’s photo, facing south. The houses in the distant right are the shacks in yesterday’s foreground. The dump truck at center gives a good idea of the scale, and the number of loads, that were needed to fill this area.

(City of Portland Archives)