Mr. Blandings’ Dream House, 1948

To promote the 1948 Cary Grant and Myrna Loy movie “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House,” the studio built “dream houses” in various cities around the country. The Portland-area house was built in the Cedar Hills area of Beaverton. As well as a promotional device, it was built using the latest post-war materials and technology but with a traditional design and decor. It’s still a lovely estate on the northwest corner of SW Walker Road and Mayfield Avenue. Read the feature article in The Oregonian, November 6, 1948.

(The Oregonian. Retrieved from

Sunset Highway, 1949

Today we travel out to the Beaverton area, specifically Cedar Hills. Looking west, a newly constructed Sunset Highway gets an overpass that will feed traffic in and out of the rapidly developing post-war suburb. Highway 217 will eventually come up to meet this overpass. Cedar Hills Shopping Center will fill the space in the center of the photo and houses in the Cedar Hills Homes Association will fill the area on the left side of the photo. Barnes Road crosses Sunset Highway diagonally on the right.

(City of Portland Archives)