Fireboat 3 Station, 1938

Here we have an excellent view of the floating Fireboat 3 Station when it was located at the St. Johns Bridge. In this view, we are looking northeast, towards St. Johns. In the background you can see the building that is now the Portland Police Bureau: Training Division building. Three identical fireboats, built in the late 1920s, were located near the Hawthorne Bridge (Fireboat 1, Mike Laudenklos), in lower Albina (Fireboat 2, David Campbell) and in various locations in St. Johns area (Fireboat 3, Karl Gunster). The David Campbell is still active today as a reserve fireboat and is located at Station 6 in Northwest Portland near Front Ave.


Floating Fire Station next to the St. Johns Bridge, April 6, 1938 : A2009-009.1681

Floating Fire Station next to the St. Johns Bridge, April 6, 1938 : A2009-009.1681


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St. Johns Bridge, c1930

An unusual perspective on the St. Johns Bridge construction circa 1930. The far side of the east tower is covered in scaffolding. If you look closely, you can see workers up near the top, lending a sense of scale to the project.

A2004-002.9146 St Johns Bridge 1930(City of Portland Archives)

St Johns Bridge, 1938

A dramatic 1938 nighttime photo of the St. Johns Bridge which was completed in 1931. The view is east looking across the Willamette River to the St. Johns neighborhood.

(City of Portland Archives)

St. Johns Bridge, 1930

A spectacular 1930 image of the St. Johns Bridge during construction. The main cables and suspender cables are in place waiting for the deck to be hung. “Cables Manufactured and Erected by Roebling” refers to the John A. Roebling’s Sons Company, whose founder designed the Brooklyn Bridge. In the distance, below the center cable span, you can see the old vernon standpipe which was moved from Northeast Portland in 1920.

(City of Portland Archives)