W Burnside, 1934

Today’s photo from 1934 is an “after” image to yesterday’s “during” image of the West Burnside widening project. The vantage point is very similar, looking west from 6th Avenue. Some buildings on both sides had their facades moved back to make room for a wider street. In the case of the Scott Hotel, it was removed entirely, leaving the lot at the far left empty even today.

A2009-009.643 W Burnside Looking West From 6th 1934(City of Portland Archives)

W Burnside & Broadway, 1933

The West Burnside widening project appears to be at its peak in this 1933 photo looking west through the intersection with Broadway. The 1910 Lowengart building is losing quite a bit of its north face to make way for the street. On the left, the top two floors of the Scott Hotel have already been removed and the ground floor is not far behind.

A2001-062.3 Construction at W Burnside and Broadway west 1933(City of Portland Archives)

Associated Service Station, 1938

Here’s a spectacular professional photo of what is probably the grand opening of the Associated service station downtown. This business replaced the Scott Hotel at SW Broadway and W Burnside; our view looks north from Pine Street. This photo comes to us courtesy of VP fan Mike Slama whose friend found a stash of negatives in the old Photo Art lab building. Score!

(Mike Slama)