Westside Flood Waters, 1948

Spectators watch from the Broadway ramp as city crews work to build a temporary dike during the spring 1948 flood. It appears there was no Irving Street access to and from the ramp at that time. Union Station is over our right shoulder in this view to the west.

A1999-004.1051 temp flood control dike NW Irving at Broadway ramp 1948
(City of Portland Archives)

Aerial View of Downtown, 1938

This 1938 aerial view gives us a distant overview of several images we discussed earlier this week. It’s also a good comparison with a photo with the same approximate perspective from 10 years earlier.

A2010-001.75 Aerial of Downtown Portland c1938 24k(City of Portland Archives)

Inner Northeast Portland Aerial, 1938

This is located just west of the aerial photo featured last week, and probably was taken on the same aerial survey in 1938. This view shows Sullivan’s Gulch passing under Union Avenue when trains were the only traffic up the gulch. But the sketches on this photo may indicate preliminary plans to route auto traffic up there also.

(City of Portland Archives)

Steel & Burnside Bridgeheads, 1935

A fantastic 1935 aerial photo showing the west end areas of the Burnside and Steel Bridges. The waterfront had been cleaned up and just a couple buildings had been torn down, but this was still a pretty intact “old” Portland. Today’s image is similar, but wider in scope, than this earlier photo.

(City of Portland Archives)

Westside Seawall Construction, 1928

This 1928 image shows the west side seawall construction from the Burnside Bridge. The back of the 1882 iron-fronted Allen & Lewis building facing Front Street between Couch and Davis is shown on the left. The front of this building would have faced the Zeta Psi building from last week. The Steel and Broadway bridges can be seen in the distance.

(City of Portland Archives)

Broadway Bridge Ramp, 1959

This 1959 image looks north alongside the NW Broadway ramp to the Broadway Bridge. The ramp, bridge and train station look pretty much the same today. Those two gentlemen on the left would probably be inside the main post office building now.

(City of Portland Archives)

Steel Bridge Approaches, c1950

Harbor Drive approaches to and from the Steel Bridge are shown in this circa 1950 photo looking north. Front Street parallels Harbor Drive on the left and the intersection with the DeSoto and Blitz billboards is at Davis Street. Some of this roadwork still exists.

(City of Portland Archives)