City Incinerator, 1972

The 1932 city incinerator landscape had changed quite a bit when this photo was taken in 1972. Trees obscured most of the building except for the prominent chimney; that was to come down in 1990. The facility had closed as an incinerator in 1970.

Incinerator (SPARC) 1972(City of Portland Archives)

NW 6th and Irving, 1948

We get another view of the 1948 flood in this shot looking southeast through the Union Station parking lot. At the far end is the corner of NW 6th and Irving where a temporary dike has been built. Beyond the Boyd Hotel on the right is the better-remembered Hoyt Hotel. The only building in this picture left standing is the Hunt Transfer and Storage building on Glisan between 3rd and 4th. See another flood-related photo of this area in this earlier post.

(City of Portland Archives)