Unidentified House, c1930 – Help Us Out!

Here’s a brain teaser to test your investigative skills. This house could be (or could have been) just about anywhere in the city. The address might be three digits starting with a 1 but it’s very hard to tell from this angle/distance/resolution. It appears to be a rooming house rather than a single-family home and it’s anybody’s guess as to whether it’s still around. Look familiar? Any help?

1930 May 15_A2001-083(City of Portland Archives)

SE Portland House, 1929 – Help Us Out!

This is another house from the City of Portland Archives at an unidentified location. What’s known is that it was somewhere in Southeast Portland and the photo date is 1929. It appears to be a pretty distinctive triplex so if this is still around, it should be easy to spot, right?

(City of Portland Archives)

Apartments, SW 11th Ave, 1976

Both of these apartment buildings still stand on the west side of SW 11th Avenue. The one on the right is at the corner with Columbia St. Both buildings look better now than they did 35 years ago. The vacant lot on the left is now a high-rise apartment building.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

Jefferson West Apartments, 1940

The Jefferson West Apartment building has stood on SW Jefferson between SW 11th and 12th since 1923. I believe it’s been empty for several years as owner Portland Development Commission decides what to do with it, but in 1940 it was a busy center of commerce and entertainment.

(City of Portland Archives)