Aerial of the shipyards, circa 1945

Today we have a wonderful aerial of the shipyards along the Willamette River in North Portland circa 1945. In the middle of the photograph you can also see N Interstate Avenue where it intersects with Albina Avenue, Mississippi Avenue, and Russell Street. In the lower right of the image is Fireboat 2 outside of its station. This boat, the David Campbell, still serves in reserve based at Station 6 on the other side of the river off of NW Front Ave.

Aerial of shipyards circa 1945 : A2005-005.1416.4

Aerial of shipyards circa 1945 : A2005-005.1416.4

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Swan Island Airport, 1939

Portland’s rudimentary Swan Island Airport is clearly illustrated in this 1939 top-down photo. It was common in those days of unsophisticated instruments to paint the city name on a roof so early pilots knew they had the right (or wrong) airport. Except for rail lines, Mocks Bottom appears to be completely undeveloped at this time.

A2005-001.640 Swan Island Airport from the air 1939(City of Portland Archives)

West Burnside, 1947

This is a fairly well-detailed aerial photo from 1947. West Burnside cuts through the center from about 22nd Avenue at the bottom to 10th at the top. This was before I-405 sliced through Portland and gives a decent view of a few of the blocks that were lost. Multnomah Stadium (Civic Stadium/PGE Park) is prominent on the right.

(City of Portland Archives)

East Burnside, Union & Grand, 1939

Two weeks ago, in comments about the Burnside Bridge and the Bridgeport Hotel, discussion centered around Baloney Joe’s, the shelter at the east end of the bridge. This 1939 photo shows the building that would eventually hold the shelter. The Bridgeport Hotel is at the top left and the future Baloney Joe’s building is the one-story building with arched windows next to it. This view is northwest, with Grand and Union Avenues running top-right to bottom-center.

(City of Portland Archives)

NE Sandy, Burnside & 12th, 1939

The E. Burnside-Couch couplet is now open, simplifying this once confusing intersection at NE Sandy, E. Burnside and 12th Avenue. Traffic is now one-way east on Burnside (bottom-right to top-left) and one-way west on Couch (far left). The beloved Tik Tok Drive In is at top-center in this 1939 photo.

(City of Portland Archives)