Union Station, circa 1913

This photograph shows Union Station’s exterior from NW Johnson St. The image includes the National Express Company, horse drawn carriages, the Olympia Hotel sign, and a Mascot billboard.


Union Station Exterior from NW Johnson St, 1913 : A2009-009.568

Union Station Exterior from NW Johnson St, 1913 : A2009-009.568


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NW 10th & Johnson, c1925

Long before the Pearl District became a trendy shopping and residential area, and even when it was a gritty industrial area, it contained single family homes and rooming houses. This circa 1925 photo shows NW 10th Avenue at Irving street looking north. The large structure on the far right is the back of what we know today as the Ecotrust building. And amazingly enough, a portion of the wall on the left, including door openings and steel shutters, still stands at the corner with Johnson Street. The block is in the center of this aerial photo taken in 1939 after the wooden structures had been removed.

A2009-009.1729 NW 10th & Johnson c1925(City of Portland Archives)

EE Lytle Home, c1910

The E.E. Lytle home once stood on the southwest corner of Northwest 24th Avenue at Johnson Street. This great home is gone but it appears the two other homes seen here, its neighbor to the west and the one across Johnson street, are still with us.

ee lytle home 175 nw 24th street 20758 1910(University of Oregon Libraries)

NW 9th & Johnson, 1936

Remarkably unchanged in 75 years, this view is south on NW 9th from Johnson Street. What’s known today as the Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center, the building on the right was called Central Truck Terminal in 1936.

(City of Portland Archives)