Ross Island Bridge Aerial, 1950

Another fantastic top-down image, this time of the area south of downtown around the Ross Island Bridge. The west side waterfront was highly industrialized in 1950, and the I-5 freeway had not come through this area yet. Lots of great detail in this photo, from the Brooklyn neighborhood to Pill Hill.

A2004-002.6938 Aerial of Willamette River and Ross Island, 219VV 1950(City of Portland Archives)

Westside Flood Waters, 1948

The Spring flood of 1948 didn’t seem to affect the area near the west end of the Sellwood Bridge much. The Staff Jennings boat sales building seems to have some water infiltration but most developed areas here are above the water line.

A1999-004.1103 Aerial view flood waters  west side Sellwood Bridge 1948(City of Portland Archives)